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4 Reasons to Rent a Dumpster in Winter

The trashcan you have at home can usually hold only a small amount of garbage. You might find that the city won’t pick up any big items and that it won’t even take bags that sit outside of the can. A dumpster rental gives you all of the space you need for the things you want to throw away. Before you call or check out prices and sizes, see some of the top reasons to rent a dumpster this winter.

Get a Jump-start on Spring Cleaning

Who says you have to wait for spring to start spring cleaning? If you plan on throwing big parties in winter or having guests come over, you may want to clean out your home early. Instead of putting out a small amount of trash weekly or making a long trip to the dump, you can rent a dumpster and get all the space you need. Dumpsters come in multiple sizes that will fit on your driveway or in front of your home.

Save Time and Money

Junk pickup is a service offered by many cities. You call to schedule a time and let the city pick up all of your trash. One thing you may not know is that you usually cannot throw anything away until this date. The city expects you to keep all of your trash until they come by. You don’t want to put everything in your garage or keep it around your home. With a dumpster rental, you get a place to put all of your garbage. It can also help you save money as you may need to pay for bulk pickup or face a hefty fee for trash left outside.

Renovate Your Home

Winter is a great time to renovate your home. While spring and summer are the busy seasons for contractors, their work often slows down in the winter. Many clients choose to travel or spend time at home and don’t want to deal with construction dust and loud noises. You can often save money on work in the winter. With a dumpster rental, your contractor gets a convenient place to toss their scraps.

Enjoy Convenient Pickup

Another reason to rent a dumpster is that you can arrange its drop-off and pickup at the same time. Why worry about figuring out what to do with everything you took out of your basement or attic? Toss everything in the dumpster and let the rental company pick it up later. You can even have them bring out a replacement if you fill one.

From renovation projects to home cleanups, dumpsters come in handy. Enjoy convenient pickup and drop-off times, save time and money, and make your home as clean as possible this winter. Call A&A Recycling in San Jose, CA to schedule a residential dumpster rental today.

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