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Renting a Dumpster Will Make Your Resolution Cleanup a Breeze

The New Year is an ideal time to dig into a serious cleanup and declutter of your home. Before you put the holiday decorations away, consider renting a dumpster that you can use to get rid of items that no longer serve your household. You can skip the winter “blahs” while you enjoy a fresh, clean home.

Get Your Containers in Order

The simplest way to declutter as you clean is to get your containers in order. You’ll need trash bags, boxes, and plastic tubs. As you empty a cabinet, cupboard, or closet, decide if you want to keep the item. If you do, put it in the plastic tub for now.

If not, you’ll need to decide if someone else can use it. If yes, put the item in a cardboard box. If no, put it in a trash bag. As soon as you fill up a trash bag or a box, move it out of your space. Don’t give yourself the chance to revisit the decision. Put donatable items in the trunk of your car for drop off the next time you’re out. Take trash directly to your rented dumpster.

The next step is to wash down your cabinet shelves. Vacuum the floor of the closet or cupboard. Once it’s fully cleaned, you can re-load it with the items that you want to keep. If there are items that will need to be replaced, such as old spices or out-of-date canned goods, keep a notebook on the counter for your shopping list.

Make Decisions About Bigger Things

Since you have a dumpster at hand, now is the time to think about bigger items. You may have a piece of furniture that you tolerate rather than enjoy. You might have a garage full of half-finished projects or broken items that you haven’t been able to get rid of before. As you clean out your garage space, pay attention to any chemicals that may need to be taken to a hazardous waste drop off. If you’re not sure of what can be safely discarded in your rented dumpster, contact us with questions.

Now is the time to load up that dumpster with items that no longer serve your family. If you have an old chair that nobody sits in because it’s too worn to be comfortable, get rid of it. Toys that are completely worn out can get moved out of the space to give your children a bit more elbow room.

A thorough cleanup will take a great deal of energy and effort. However, if you can get to the end of your declutter and cleanup with a home that shelters the people you love and the items that you value, your work will be worth it. Let A&A Recycling help you tidy your San Jose, CA home with a rented residential dumpster to make your cleanup easier.

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