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4 Ways a Budget-friendly Dumpster Rental Can Boost Your Spring Cleaning

Doing spring cleaning is like starting the year off with a refresh of your home and life. You get rid of everything that’s no longer serving you and just taking up space, collecting dust, and acting as a potential nuisance. However, the idea of lugging everything to the curb isn’t the most appealing. The following are four ways a budget-friendly dumpster rental can easily kick your spring cleaning up a notch.

1. You Can Throw Items Out Windows

Forget having to walk items up or down flights of stairs when you can open a window and (carefully!) toss them out. In some cases, you might have to walk down a hallway ,depending on the positioning of the dumpster, but it’s an easier alternative than taking the stairs.

Be careful what you’re throwing out the window. For instance, lightweight wood planks going straight down into a dumpster are typically fine, but trying to throw a heavy television out a second-story window and over an awning certainly isn’t advisable.

2. Curb Size Isn’t an Issue

Cities or towns typically have rules about garbage pickup, such as that items have to be on the curb and not in the street or in front of your driveway. If you have more trash than what would fit on the curb, you likely have to wait to put out the excess until the next garbage night.

You won’t have that issue with a dumpster. While you’re obviously restricted by its size, it can hold a lot more garbage at a single time than your curb can.

3. You’re Not Limited by Numerous Garbage-Packing Rules

Garbage rules can also pertain to how you pack the garbage. For example, maybe all bags need to be tied, trash has to be only in garbage bags of a certain color, or wood pieces need to be bundled together. There are rules about what you can put into a dumpster, such as that you can’t include hazardous waste, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll come across restrictions about throwing in loose items like old blankets and broken furniture.

4. You Don’t Have to Leave Garbage Piled Up on Your Property

It’s one thing when you have a single dumpster that you can toss all your spring cleaning garbage into, but it’s another when there are unsightly piles of bags and other trash accumulated elsewhere on your property. This can be especially cumbersome if you don’t have much spare space in the yard or on the side of your home to put it. You can easily pile everything right into the dumpster instead of bringing the trash outside, piling it up, and then having to transfer the entire collection once again on garbage night.

Don’t make spring cleaning harder than it needs to be. Contact A&A Dumpster Rentals in San Jose, CA for residential dumpster rentals ideal for this heavy-duty yet rewarding task. We also offer haul-away services to make the purge even easier.

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