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How a Dumpster Rental Can Improve Your Home Maintenance Plan

Dumpsters offer property owners and renters a cost-effective waste management option for medium and large home-based projects that produce a lot of debris, including seasonal or holiday deep cleaning, property landscaping, room or whole-home remodeling, and permanent or temporary moving. These waste containers commonly feature a short-width set-down or long-width roll-off design with a flip lid or open top.

This guide explores three ways a dumpster rental can help you maintain your home by handling and hauling away waste more effectively.

Cost and Time Savings

Many people waste money and time bagging or trashing waste and then paying for fuel or vehicle maintenance to transport everything to a disposal site. With a rental dumpster, you don’t need bags or boxes or a rental pickup truck or van. Never worry again about making multiple trips to dispose of a large volume of waste, such as new construction leftovers, old home structural materials like concrete, bricks and drywall, windows and doors, leaves, trees and other plant materials, or broken landscaping equipment. You merely toss everything into the dumpster, and then we’ll haul it away.

Reduction of Landfill Overuse

Did you know that over half of the waste produced by homeowners and renters is recyclable or upcyclable? The rental of a dumpster can help keep reusable waste out of landfills, where it might break down to cause greenhouse gases or harm the environment via the dispersal of toxic chemicals from consumer products into the ground and air. Most dumpster rental companies guarantee appropriate handling of aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, glass, some grades of plastic, stone and aggregate stone materials, and wood and wood-based composites. Many electronics contain highly valued metals and other materials as well.

Safe Hazardous Waste Disposal

Home and building products, including appliances, drywall, insulation, painted or sealed surfaces, personal electronics, smart systems, and wiring, often contain hazardous materials. These objects are coated with or contain chemicals and substances that can cause sick building syndrome and even cancer with enough exposure. It doesn’t matter if you want to repaint your home’s interior or tear out walls; a dumpster can protect you from exposure during transport to a landfill or waste management facility.

Choose a Residential Dumpster

We offer our residential neighbors a variety of debris removal and haul-a-way services designed to help reduce some of the hassles associated with major cleaning, landscaping, renovation, and other home maintenance projects. These options save time and money and protect the environment and health of loved ones, visitors, pets, and wildlife.

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