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Renting a Dumpster: The Benefits and Potential Problems

Whether you’re clearing out an investment property, cleaning up a yard, or getting rid of renovation trash, renting a dumpster can speed up and simplify the process. If you’ve recently purchased an investment property or need to clear a house you’ve inherited, a dumpster can be an ideal choice once you’ve donated or sold salvageable contents. Just be aware of the potential problems that come with renting a dumpster.

Positive Aspects of Renting a Dumpster

If you’ve got a house to clear, you can simply be there and start loading as soon as the dumpster is dropped off. If possible, get one that can be opened along the side of the front, so you can carry things in rather than lifting items over the sidewall.

You may get a lower price with a fixed-wall dumpster. Getting the delivery person to leave it close to the porch or deck of the home may be the best choice in such cases. Again, this may make it easier to load the dumpster. This placement can also lessen the risk of dropping damaging construction debris, such as nails and screws, in the driveway of the property.

In the event you must discard anything smelly, such as food trash, you can load it before the dumpster is picked up. This will lessen the risk of animals getting into the dumpster and tearing into your trash bags. As soon as you know the driver is coming back to pick up the full dumpster, load anything especially smelly.

Risks or Negatives to Renting a Dumpster

A full dumpster of construction trash may let people know that you’re working on the property. This could mean that your tools and supplies could be vulnerable. If you empty a home of furniture or personal goods and load it into the dumpster, you may encourage dumpster diving and have a mess to clean up the next day.

A dumpster that sits for a while can also be problematic. If you need it for the week, make sure you let the neighbors know. Put down cardboard or tarps around it to make sure that you don’t leave glass and other dangerous debris on the ground around the dumpster.

Finally, some people see a dumpster as an opportunity to get rid of large or bulky items they no longer want in their home. If you’re concerned you may get stuck with a dumping fee for an item you didn’t throw away, try to get the dumpster dropped off, loaded, and removed on the same day.

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