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Clear Away All Yard Trash This Summer Using a Dumpster

Getting your yard in great shape before summer starts is a wonderful way to save yourself work on the hottest days. A thorough cleanup will be much easier with your own dumpster rental. If you have already started your summer yard prep work, you can bag up the yard waste and stack it aside. When you’re ready to load the dumpster, you can call for dumpster delivery.

Dumpsters Can Save Shredding and Bagging

You may have mulch or dead leaves to clean up, but these can be easily bagged up. However, you may also have downed tree branches that need to be discarded. Getting such branches in your regular trash pickup may require a lot of sawing, bundling and stacking.

With your own dumpster, though, you can quickly get rid of awkward or bulky yard trash. If you need to discard a dead shrub or part of a stump, you can open up the side of the dumpster and load these heavy items into it easily.

Spring Is the Time to Trim Trees and Shrubs

If you noticed dead or dying branches in the canopy of your trees, you may have chosen to trim away some branches and thin out your trees. These branches will need to be discarded to prevent creating a tripping hazard or a haven for pests in your yard. There’s no better place to discard them than in a dumpster rental.

If you love to garden, you may have a heavy layer of mulch on your vegetable garden plot. Some of this can be turned under, but you can also warm up your soil by raking off this mulch and discarding it in the dumpster so you can plant your favorite seeds for your summer garden.

Dumpsters Can Also Help With Other Cleanup

Perhaps your entire home has been in need of a refresh. If you’ve been fighting clutter and you’re ready to get rid of items that no longer serve you, you might choose to try to have a yard sale.

Once you’ve spent a couple of days selling items that no longer work in your household, you may still have items that have to go. Some can be donated, but others may just need to go to the dump. With a dumpster on your property, you can quickly clear out unwanted items, broken objects, and other troublesome home inventory.

A dumpster is a wonderfully useful tool for getting rid of items that are awkward, heavy, or just time-consuming to discard. Your yard will be fresh and ready for summer fun, and your home will contain only items that you use and enjoy.

A&A Recycling is excited to help you book a dumpster rental for an easy cleanup of your San Jose, CA yard, so contact us today.

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