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Decluttering And Cleaning Up

5 Ways to Reduce Clutter in Your Home

Reducing clutter this fall will leave your home feeling cleaner and more manageable. Clutter tends to make spaces feel disorganized and stressful. It can also make it difficult to keep your house clean. Having said that, you should consider the steps mentioned below to remove clutter from your home and give it a new, cleaner look.

1. Create a Place for Storing Essentials

Essentials in this concept are your wallet, purse, keys, and phone, among other items. Having a place dedicated to storing your essentials can help you stay organized and ensure you have an easy time spotting those you no longer use. Once you have identified the items you rarely use, you can decide to throw them out or store them elsewhere. Some of the places you can consider to keep essentials include:

  • Shelving placed next to the door
  • Cubby holes
  • Front entry table

Having a place for storing essentials not only helps you declutter your home during the fall but also helps save time by eliminating the chances of them being misplaced.

2. Get Rid of an Older Item Every Time You Bring in a New One

For example, if you buy a new mop, you should be keen to get rid of the old one. If you fail to do so, clutter may start building up until it becomes too hard to manage. When getting rid of an older item, ensure you avoid throwing it in the garbage. Instead, you should have it recycled, sell it, or give it to someone who needs it.

3. Build a Mudroom

We always take some items with us every time we leave home for work, school, or to run errands. However, did you know almost all of these items don’t need to end up in your living room once you’re back home? The best way to store them when not in use is to build a mudroom. A mudroom is designed to provide a convenient place to keep your hat, shoes, shopping bags, coats, and sports gear.

4. Opt for Multi-functional Items

Today, there are lots of multipurpose items to help you save space and stay organized. Experts advise that you take advantage of this and have these items in your home this fall. For example, if you’re buying a blender this fall, ensure you go for a modern one that also doubles as a food processor.

5. Avoid Buying Items You Rarely Use

You should avoid buying things you rarely use. These items can take up space, especially in the garage. Most items you use to keep your yard tidy and organized only come into play once in a while. As such, you should consider renting these items instead of buying them and storing them in your garage. Furthermore, consider replacing traditional cabinets with modern, recessed cabinets that are set back into the wall to give a more open feeling.

Other ways to reduce clutter in your home this fall include holding a yard sale and using vertical storage solutions. To keep your house organized and clean, it’s important that you get rid of those belongings you rarely use. At A&A Recycling, we provide residential dumpster rental to the residents of San Jose, CA, so contact us if you’re planning on clearing out your home this autumn.

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