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Landscaping Tips to Make Your Backyard Safer

Your backyard is your haven, the place where you love to relax and escape from the world. When you have a messy yard filled with odds and ends, construction equipment, and things you can’t even identify, it doesn’t feel as relaxing. Those hazards also pose a safety risk for your family. Discover the best landscaping tips to clean up your yard and make it safe.

Clear Out the Junk

Before you do anything else, clear out the junk. Do you have an old play structure your kids used for years, but it now shows some serious signs of wear and tear? Maybe you have one that the last owner left behind. It’s also smart to look for other junk, trash, and general clutter. Throw away the old pavers you planned to use but never did and anything else that gets in the way.

Take Care of Old Trees

Trees add a lot of shade to your yard and may even serve as focal points. Not all trees add value to your home, though. Some can even pose a safety risk. One example is a tree stump. The stump left behind becomes a tripping hazard. It may sit a few inches above the ground or more. Anyone who runs or walks through the yard may fail to see it and trip over the stump. You can hire someone to remove it or use a stump grinder. Dying trees are just as dangerous because their branches become hazards.

Add a Fence or a Wall

Depending on the ages of your children, adding a fence or wall will keep them safe. Many cities have laws that require homeowners to install a tall fence if they have any type of swimming pool in their yard. A privacy fence offers more protection and security. They are as tall as six to eight feet and have a gate you can lock from the inside. If you don’t want to disrupt your landscaping, consider a wall. A short rock wall will keep kids contained and prevent wild animals from getting inside.

Eliminate Poisonous Plants

There’s a good chance you have toxic plants growing around your yard without your knowledge. Some of them might have come from neighboring yards and spaces. Small children may be tempted by the smells and ingest the flowers, which can make them sick. Make sure that all plants are nontoxic and replace the ones that aren’t with safe flowers that are just as bright and beautiful.

Making your outdoor space safe for your family is the first consideration when landscaping your backyard. You’ll even feel confident letting your kids play outside while you work inside. When you’re ready to create a safe space in San Jose, CA, call A&A Recycling to rent a dumpster and clear out your debris.

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