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Burning old wooden house

How to Prevent Fire Outbreaks and Safeguard Your Property

The American Red Cross notes that when a fire breaks out, you have a maximum of two minutes to escape. This means you may not have enough time to rescue every item in your home. Therefore, it is essential to adopt measures that prevent fire from breaking out altogether.

Invest in Fire Prevention Tools

If your house doesn’t have smoke detectors, consider getting some. Also, ensure the devices are in good working condition all the time.

If you live in an area where lightning strikes are common, consider installing a lightning protection system. The system keeps your home safe should lightning strike it during a storm.

You can also install a home sprinkler system to put out the fire quickly should an outbreak occur. Little ones can start a fire while playing with lighters and matches, so you should keep your lighters and matches in a lockable box.

Be Careful With Your Daily Activities

If you smoke, it is not advisable to smoke while lying down, especially when you are tired. You may fall asleep and drop the cigarette, resulting in a fire accident. Before you discard the ash on the ashtray, sprinkle a little water on it as a precaution.

After Christmas festivities, discard the trees when they become dry and old. The trees become highly combustible when they dry up. Damaged or low-quality tree lights may ignite your tree, causing a fire accident.

Keep your interior doors closed when you go to sleep. This helps to prevent the fire from spreading to other rooms should it break out in one room. Before you throw your matches into the trash can, ensure you have put out the flame.

Inspect Your Gadgets’ Wiring

Pets and rodents can chew the insulation on your wires. Damaged wires are a potential fire hazard. Therefore, before you plug any gadgets into a socket, inspect their wiring carefully.

Also, ensure the cords are always visible. Avoid passing them behind furniture or under the carpet. This limits contact between the cable and other items that may catch fire and spread it in your house. The practice also keeps the cord in full view so that you can easily spot any damages on it.

Store Flammable Products Carefully

Avoid keeping flammable products near heat-generating appliances. Also, ensure you seal the products tightly after you finish using them. If there are any spills, wipe them thoroughly.

Finally, store the products in a lockable place where children cannot access them. In addition, keep the key to the storage area away from the reach of children.

Look Out for Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can cause an explosion. Look out for a rotten egg smell or a sulfur-like smell to know whether your natural gas is leaking. Open all windows and doors, and evacuate everyone in your house when you detect the smell. Proceed to seek the services of a professional to repair the leakage.

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