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4 Reasons to Rent a Dumpster This Holiday Season

The holidays involve many moving parts. From hosting gatherings to purchasing gifts for others, there’s so much to keep track of. Plus, many holiday activities generate a lot of trash. Since you probably don’t want to deal with an overflowing trash bin while trying to enjoy the holidays, renting a dumpster could be a good idea. Renting a dumpster can result in many benefits for your household.

1. Keeps Waste Out of Sight

Many gifts and large items that you might purchase during the holidays come in bulky packaging. If you can’t fit the packaging in your regular trash can, it might just get left out somewhere. The truth is, these items don’t have any place in a home, yard, or driveway. If you have a temporary dumpster, you’ll have a place to keep packaging and other large pieces of trash out of sight and away from everyone.

2. Saves Time

If you end up with an overflowing trash can, you’ll have to figure out how to deal with it. You could spend time and a lot of effort breaking everything down, cutting items up, and stuffing them in a bin. Or, you might plan a trip to the local transfer station, but this also requires you to take time out of your day. By having a dumpster placed near your house during the holidays, you can save yourself time. You’ll get to quickly throw your trash into the dumpster and let the dumpster rental company take care of disposal when your rental period is over. For smaller items, you won’t have to worry about placing everything in bags. Simply toss them in the dumpster and move on with your day.

3. Saves Money

Many people make big purchases during the holidays, taking advantage of sales and the opportunity to treat themselves to something special. Common purchases during this season include televisions, computers, couches, and other pieces of furniture. If you get a new TV or desk, for example, you’ll have to figure out what to do with your old one. One idea is to take it to the transfer station, but this would incur a fee. You might also have to rent a vehicle to transport it there. These costs can all add up. You could potentially save money if you opt to rent a dumpster instead.

4. Creates Safety

Disposing of trash on your own can be difficult work, especially if it’s heavy. If you’re using the community transfer station as a resource, you’d have to get the trash into your vehicle and unload it when you get to the site. This can be challenging, especially if the trash has any sharp edges or is extremely heavy. The work required to place your item in a dumpster on your property can still be risky, but it will probably be much easier and safer since you won’t have to travel very far.

Many Options

You’ll come across a variety of options for residential dumpster rentals. You can choose the size of dumpster you prefer as well as the length of your rental. If you’re in San Jose, CA, you can reach out to A&A Recycling for assistance with your residential dumpster rental.

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